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Group Kids Auction?

Hiya! This is yaoi_queen  using my other account. :)

I recently came across an auction for kids. I'd like to know if anyone is interested in taking part. I will list off the ones I am claiming.

Claimed by me: Manectric, Lucario, clear Raichu, Butterfree, Ditto, and Milotic

It seems like Articuno is damaged. =/ The bottom half is mysteriously missing. The others look just fine, though. All of the kids will be $4 each, except for Abra and Snubbel who are clear versions. They are $5 each. Shipping will be a flat $2 for kids shipped within the US. Please inquire about international shipping as they will vary by location. This auction ends in about 6 hours, but I don't need you guys to rush on decision making. I really want to win this auction for Manectric. :3 So, even after it's over, you guys can pop in and claim something. I won't ask for payments now. I'm well aware of the uncertainty that comes from sniping. Someone may come across it and do so. I can plead all I want to you guys to please avoid bidding if you come across it, but I know that all is fair game. I will extend my hand in defeat to the rightful winner if the time comes.

But, anyway, I will list off what is claimed by whom as they come. :) Thanks for looking!

Ralts/Delcatty: broken_chan
Articuno: chaosoftwighlight
Metagross: miss_fuu_chan
Barboach: mizu_rei
Clear Abra: meowthcollector
Clear Snubbel: dinosaurgomeow

Tags: kids
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