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Multipurpose Post: Sales Update / GA Update / Latest Gets

Hiya everybody! This is going to be a little multipurpose post from me. To start off, everything from my shop has been shipped out or will be shipped out TODAY. n-n International orders; please give it around two weeks or so, domestic; please keep checking up on that tracking! Secondly; sorry, but we were unable to win the eeveechu GA since we weren't even able to raise enough for the starting bid xD But that's okay, there are still many more GAs to come!

I've been spoiling myself a lot more than I should be... resulting in a near-dead wallet, so there will be a sales update at the end of this post (or you can just jump there now if you'd like) :') Haggling is accepted, so don't be shy!
Anyways I'll just stick in some highlights of my gets since there are too many~
AHHH YESSS How cute!! I've finally completed my set of grails, the eevee blanket and the pikapair cushions! The seller of the pikapair cushions was sweet enough to hold it for me until I got the payment together. Now I'm too scared to use it, so I guess it just stays in a bag.. It's still the perfect display nonetheless. Now that I've gotten the biggest wants that I have, I think I can finally start on my pokedoll collection~
Talking eevee figure! It's as cute as I thought it'd be! Nothing to say much, except that I've never really seen it, so when I saw it on sale on the comm - I just had to grab it.. Thanks poke-zula!
Takara Tomy Talking pichu! Oh man, I never thought I'd get this one for a cheap price, when I saw it going for 28 shipped from Japan I just dove in and went for it hoping it was in a decent condition. Luckily, it came wrapped in its plastic bag and the box is the CUTEST EVER.
tumblr_n7hl2wKkPo1r76bvyo3_250(Just what is it with talking items and their bags?) He's pretty big too, so I'm glad to see my pichu collection growing! (Although my wallet really isn't. :c ) Alrighty, I think that's it!
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