Nina Needless (absol) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Nina Needless

My little Pokémon collection! :3

Hey guys!
The first thing I have to say is: I LOVE YOUR COMMUNITY! & sorry for my english grammar :D
Im from Germany and im a big Pokemon fan since over 10 years <3
My favorites are Umbreon, Absol, Houndoom etc xD I like cat and dog Pokemon hehe :D

Now I want you to even show my collection.
Small but beautiful:
[BIG ! pictures (click to open)]

You see i like Absol xD

The Mega Absol figure arrived today <3 love it *-*

I collecting mainly figures! Im not a big fan of plush o: (im too old xD) Umbreon and Sylveon were a gift of my friends ^^ I have set up my collection times better xD It looks terrible qq But I hope you had fun to see my collection :3

- Umbreeon
Tags: absol, collection, plush, pokedolls, sylveon, tomy, umbreon
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