Leanne (pandaeatworld) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Wants :D

Hello all, just coming today with a couple of specific wants ^.^

I'll finally get around to doing a collection update but it'll wait until the end of July I think, as I'm getting my grail in the next week or so!! :D So I'll wait until he's here <3

Today I'm after:

MWT Vaporeon Pokedoll
Takara Tomy Leafeon & Vaporeon sitting plush 2012 MWT
MWT JP Pikachu Pokedoll (I need two of these... I'm going to do something cute for my best friend :D)
And I hope I'm getting this right... Korotto Manmaru plush of Jolteon & Vaporeon (Possibly Leafeon & Umbreon too, I need to check my collection!)

And as always, interested in any and all canvas & pokedoll plush! Ideally JP tag but open to anything :D So *please* link me, I have the cash to splash as it's bonus month, woop!

On a more practical note, does anyone know of a good site that lists all available pokedolls and what tags they have etc? I'm curious as to what comes with JP tags as I like them a lot more than US ones, is there a JP Leafeon/Glaceon? I've no idea xD

EDIT: Just wanted to add.. I just found Dragonite EX and Full Art EX tcg... that I've never seen before.. are they legit? :O
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