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On the Hunt for Some Wants

Hi everyone! today I'm on a mission to cross a few things off of my wants post! Mayhaps you can aide me on this venture, I do have specific price ranges I would like to stay in for these guys, but there is a little wiggle room seeing as I would rather buy from a collector than other alternatives.

Anyway what I'm looking for...

a Magikarp Pokedoll (this guy has jumped around my wants list for awhile but playing with KarpeDiem (my magikarp) in pokemonamie sealed her status as a grail for me.) As far as which version I'm looking for, I honestly like the look of the old velboa version, but I would also love the minky version so either is fine, tags or minor damage/piling is also A-okay! I was hoping to stay in the 50~60 price range.
Trading with Dezi_kitsune :D

 I'm also looking for a Raichu pouch thing. From the recent I <3 Pika+ campaign. looking to spend no more than 28
*random question would a 3ds xl fit in it? I can't quite tell from pics and descriptions*

These are the things I'm looking for at the moment. However if my prices seem to low maybe we can work out some sort of partial trade? I make custom plush (as many of you know) and since I am maybe 20 more minuets of work away from finishing my last custom for this month I am happy to work out a trade or partial trade! (I also hoard anime and games so I might have something else you might be interested in)
Examples of my work can be found on my tumblr
My feedback is here for anyone that might want to check it ^^

Interested in trading but don't have the things listed above? my full wants post is here (when I say full I mean very full it includes my wants for pretty much every shiny random thing I see as I recently consolidated my amazon wishlist with it!)

To make this post less boring here is a picture of the most recent plush I have made :> Klefki! I made her as part of a partial trade I did with Herar for my DX Bulbasaur Pokedoll :>

Thanks so much everyone any questions or comments are more than welcome!
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