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recent gets + starting a collection site + pin trade

Hi everyone! So it's storming here like crazy and somehow it reminded me I have things to post on here!

 photo 20140623_105920_zpsztimmu1r.jpg
So I invested in 4 of the blind-bagged pins from the recent promo and, well.. WEHH NO NINETALES. Would anyone like to trade one (or two) of these for the Ninetales pin?

Sales permission received 3/15/2013 by allinia
Feedback Link:

- I ship from IN, USA to worldwide. Please ask shipping quotes beforehand if you live overseas.
-Paypal only, USD.

 photo 20140623_120506_zpshoxlswlb.jpg
AHH THE CHANDELURE JEWELRY STAND! Thank you so much again to godudette for trading with me, I'm ecstatic to finally have this!
 photo 20140623_120551_zps3mr5fwxo.jpg
And this little cutie from feraligroggles's auctions~ I've not named him yet, and am taking suggestions. I'm liking Apache so far.
 photo 20140623_105446_zpsosnevkyr.jpg
All sorts of things: First, I'd like to point out the custom keychains. They're so beautiful. ;u; The PokeTime bathroom caddy came from eBay, as well as the taller Absol figure and the Absol dogtag. The smaller book is filled with stickers featuring all of Gen 6 and the humans- that came from Mitsuwa up by Chicago airport. The rest came from the comm~
 photo 20140623_104904_zpspuudn5c6.jpg
ABSOL ATTACK! Everything on this page came from the pickups prnsz was doing, and I couldn't be happier. Still curious where the plastic outside for the necklace/bromide set went, but oh well. :P

My collection site finally had its first breath of air through editing! It's nowhere close to being done yet, but once it is I'll post the link on here. :3
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