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Finally some new gets!

I think I haven't posted an updated in quite a while!

And note: I about a months I will make a big 1 year anniversary post, yay! :D
Before, I will make another update though since I've gotten a lot of stuff within the past few weeks ^^

See my mad Photoshop skillz as a preview! xD
Every Pokemon in this picture will be seen in my gets post (I am so creative lol)


Yes, I got two xD


I found them on German ebay! First, I got the left one. And I paid way too much for him T__T And then I was kinda disappointed at how he looked because he looks super derpy and he's also in very loved condition with the stuffing missing in his legs and the stuffing really clumped up in other parts. So I got a second one, the one on the right who is in much better condition :)
HOWEVER, I have kinda grown on the left one <3 I cuddle with him at night. But now I don't want to cuddle with the other one because I am afraid he will get all beaten up and clumped and derpy like the other one T__T But he will be hugged from time to time nevertheless!

I made a photo of my derpy Char with my Beatles Abbey Road poster (I love the Beatles!) :D
Look at how derpy he is! He is totally for legalizing pot :D




I got these two cutie babies from kirsty! Thank you giiirrrl O3O
I wanted to take a photo like this for ages!! :D
However, I don't like gender stereotypes, so LATIAS is actually a boy (they're both boys). :> I named him Larry (after Larry King, a young boy who was shot dead by a classmate because of his homosexuality.. So in order to "show" my support for the gay community, I named him Larry!)
But I haven't found a proper name for Latios yet! Please give me suggestions :D

I also got these two cuties:





And here's finally my Raichu HQ plush <33


I got him from Noppin for relatively cheap and I waited ages for him o__o I removed his tag and use him as a cuddle buddy <3 Some plush deserve to be cuddled :> He is so cuuute ^__^ I am so happy to have a bigger Raichu plush like this! I was suprised at how squishy he was :D

And last but not least, I also got a few more Oddish thingies from pikabulbachu


- Vileplume friends plush (I got a second one xD)
- Oddish, Gloom and Vileplume FCS figures (They are so tiny and so cool :D)
- Oddish in case figure
- clear Oddish Kid

And this J. Franco and Sons figure (the little one) I forgot to include in the picture xD


And here is my full Oddish line collection as it is at the moment :)
Lonely Gastly hanging out with the bunch thinking it is an Oddish xD


Thanks for looking/reading! <3

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