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Pikachu gets + wants

Hey again everyone! I'm so sorry to keep posting, but I just got a super fun Pikachu-filled box from hebilea and I really wanted to do a collection update c: Aaand of course shamelessly ask for more stuff ;w;

photo 1
Here's all the adorable Pika stuff I've gotten these past few weeks! It's not a ton, but I love it all and I'm so grateful to all the wonderful sellers I bought them from ^^
Quick list from left to right since some things are tiny:
- tiny keychain from a lot on eBay
- talking Pikachu figure from poke_zula
- another tiny keychain from herar
- super adorable fuzzy Pika from zommie
- Ichiban Kuji Pikachu from hebilea
- Pikachu clearfile from hebilea
- Pokedoll figure (I can't remember who from, I'm sorry ;w;)
- Light up Pika, Pikachu keychain, Pikachu bell keychain, and Sparky kid from hebilea
- ANOTHER Pokedoll plush from a lot on eBay because I have no self control
- Pikachu card from zommie
- Kokeshi charm (suuuuper tiny!) from thedaftlynx
photo 2
Here's the back of the clearfile and another shot of the Kokeshi charm since it's so tiny c:

I'm so excited to have all of this cute new stuff <3 Thanks again to the members who sent me all of these adorable things! ^^

The Sylveon pose figure from Tomy! I'm not a huge Sylveon collector, but this figure is super cute and seems to be really well made, so I can't help but want one. I'm not too concerned about condition and with or without the box is fine with me!
A long-time want - The N and Touya Pokemon Mate figure ;w; I know that N is pretty rare, but I actually had Touya offered to me at one point and I stupidly passed him up >.< Soooo I'm still looking for N if anyone has one for sale! (Got Touya! :D)

And as always, anything Pikachu! :D

Thanks again for looking! <3
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