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More figure identifying help XD + Charizard Gets~

More identifying help please XD;

Anyone know where this Piplup figure comes from? I put it next to Shaymin TOMY for size comparison.

Hehehe Shaymin's concerned look and Piplup's bottom... Anyway, the Piplup has no maker markings, so I have no clue what it's from xD;; I really like that it's a solid build though, I would think it would have some hollowed out parts in the head or whatnot, but it's not hollow at all... makes a good paperweight??? lol

D-Arts Charizard!!!!!! I got him without his box and with Mewtwo D-Arts for a nice price :D He looks good with my Lucario D-Arts~
While I didn't get his box (which is fine, I don't have ROOM lol), his stand, etc came unopened, and the Mewtwo is the first-press version with the cute mini Mew figure. I'm so happy with them!!

Also I got a rather large Charizard figure, the one next to the D-Arts. I've seen this one in other places too but I don't know exactly what this one's called? His left arm came broken off, so I've decided to permaglue it even though it was originally posable.

Just so much stuff out there, too many different stuffs >w< ~
Tags: charizard, gets, piplup
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