MegaPokemon3 (megapokemon3) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Small Gets

So my package from Sunyshore came in again :3 Only ordered the new Diancie plush, I'm so happy with it! <3

Chillin' with my handmade plush :P

My only real disappointment with it is it's hands x(

It won't go straight out or up it has to go down in this really awkward position, I'm sure they could've done the hands better if they tried :( Oh well, its still a great plush! <3

Aaand I found this little dude hanging out at the second hand store so I had to get him :3 Got him for free too! <3 He looks like he has been loved a lot, he's got quite a lot of missing paint on his face. Hopefully no one is missing him :o

Well thats all for this time :3 Now to await my next few plush gets which will hopefully be here soon.
Hope you all have a fantabulous day! :D
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