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Some gets + Updated Sales & PC Paris stickers <3

Hello everyone!
I know I made a post not so long ago but I added some stuff that may interest you...
By the way, it's the occasion to remind you that there is only one day left for "Straight Sales" prices (green) o/

Click on the banner to be transported to my sales o/

The Pokémon Center Paris closed last Saturday :/
Although they had some stock issues it was a really nice event.
Of course I would have liked a Pikachu painter plush lol, but in the end there were some exclusive items.
First, the postcards:
Besides, I was really disappointed because when they closed the shop they still had a lot of them. If only I had had money I could have bought ones for you (> <)
Then the bags (yeah I realized on Saturday that there was a small version oO):
Nice even if they are a bit empty lol Besides, I'm selling a large one.
However, I missed the Grail: a poster with the PC Paris art :'( I guess it has been sold at the speed of light...
Anyway, I got a consolation prize and now you can have it too o/

PC Paris stickers (21x15cm): 2 USD each
As I only have about 20 I'd like to limit them to one per person in order to give the opportunity to own one to the most of you :)
Also, comment here if you only want one sticker. If you want to buy more stuff, comment on my sales post.

EDIT: All the stickers have been sold o/

And now let's see my gets!

2001 McDonald's plushies
They were MIP but I'm not really into plushies under plastic. Thus I was able to see how soft they are <3 Only one little disappointment: Pikachu doesn't work :/ So I won't hear him *crying* For the rest, Charmander's tail lights up and Larvitar and Phanpy are vibrating (moreover, Phanpy's trunk is a bit moveable).
Also I've got Larvitar in double but I'm not sure wanting to part with him for the moment.

Mega Lucario XY Kids
Awesome! I've got doubles up for sale (even if some are on hold).

Thank you for reading :3

My collection website :

Fb page for my collection (don't hesitate to like or comment ^^):
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