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Some gets + Updated Sales & PC Paris stickers <3

Hello everyone!
I know I made a post not so long ago but I added some stuff that may interest you...
By the way, it's the occasion to remind you that there is only one day left for "Straight Sales" prices (green) o/

Click on the banner to be transported to my sales o/

The Pokémon Center Paris closed last Saturday :/
Although they had some stock issues it was a really nice event.
Of course I would have liked a Pikachu painter plush lol, but in the end there were some exclusive items.
First, the postcards:
Besides, I was really disappointed because when they closed the shop they still had a lot of them. If only I had had money I could have bought ones for you (> <)
Then the bags (yeah I realized on Saturday that there was a small version oO):
Nice even if they are a bit empty lol Besides, I'm selling a large one.
However, I missed the Grail: a poster with the PC Paris art :'( I guess it has been sold at the speed of light...
Anyway, I got a consolation prize and now you can have it too o/

PC Paris stickers (21x15cm): 2 USD each
As I only have about 20 I'd like to limit them to one per person in order to give the opportunity to own one to the most of you :)
Also, comment here if you only want one sticker. If you want to buy more stuff, comment on my sales post.

EDIT: All the stickers have been sold o/

And now let's see my gets!
McDo plushies + New KidsCollapse )

Thank you for reading :3

My collection website :

Fb page for my collection (don't hesitate to like or comment ^^):
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