chihuahuaowner (chihuahuaowner) wrote in pkmncollectors,

XY Clearfile GA!

Hello everyone! Today I bring to you a clearfile GA. I've been searching for pumpkaboo clearfile for a while now and I've finally found it, but it comes in a set so here's your chance to get some of the earlier clearfiles as well!


General Information/Rules:
*I ship from Pennsylvania, US. I do not ship internationally at this time.
*I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 1/9/13
*There will be two payments: payment #1 for goods and shipping to me, and then payment #2 for shipping from me to you!

I'm claiming pumpkaboo for $9 and willing to go higher!
I'll be doing both the bidding and the threads.

Every other clearfile will start at $6.
There are 13 clearfiles here and here's the list:
・Meowstic (Male)
・Meowstic (Female)
・Pumpkaboo (claimed!)
・Pyroar (Male)
・Pyroar (Female)

Bidding will end in about 36 hours, I'll add a timer soon. 

Don't post til threads are up!
Tags: clauncher, clawitzer, espurr, heliolisk, meowstic, noibat, pyroar, swirlix

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