staraptor (staraptor) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I hope I'm allowed to sell a few things, I've been in the community for a year (hooray) and bought lots of stuff but my feedback post is still fresh D: since I'm currently dangerously low on monies it had to come to this:

- Ekans/Arbok zukan - practically new, Ekans has a bit trouble standing up

- Weavile Pokedoll - in excellent condition, used only for display. However it has no tags, not even the tush tag. Because I hate them :( but I always cut them carefully so it's barely visible

- Buneary Pokedoll - same condition as Weavile. Its head has a hilarious shape and I'm sad to let it go.

Since I'm clueless about the prices, MAKE OFFERS.
I can accept Paypal only. Shipping would be $2-$5max/item, depending on the item and location.

I'm going to bed now, will check this post first thing in the morning D:
Tags: arbok, buneary, sales, weavile, zukan
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