sleepypikachu (sleepypikachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

reduced sales, show me sleepy chus and TCG!

Hi all!
I've altered some prices in my sales, do check it out!

Sleepy Sales!

Hoping to do an update soon-ish. Stay tuned.

These awesome guys are still up for grabs, even reduced!
 photo b8d35298-bd32-4b61-b220-10bcb03fcb71_zpsc12b51f0.png photo 71fcfca6-d186-4b2f-93e4-2bc44b72089d_zps475412d4.png

I'm counting on my sales to help my Onemuri Pikachu collection thrive. :P
Speaking of, who here has any sleeping Chu merch for sale/trade? Especially Onemuri Pikachu promo items? Show me anything, please! *u*

I'm also very eager to add to my TCG collection.
I collect Pikachu cards from the TCG, as well as Raichu, Pichu, Plusle, Minun, Emolga, and soon to be Dedenne. This collection is such a pain. XD
Does anyone have any of these cards for sale/trade?
Basically any cards I'm missing from this collection. Clicky~

Jumped the gun from excitement, forgot to end my post. >.>; Haha...

Anywho! Thank you all for looking and I hope everyone's having a wonderful day. ^___^

** Oh!! I've not asked this, but does anyone here also collect sleeping Pikachu (or other Pokemon) merch? I'd LOVE to see your collections!
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