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Unexpected Gets!

Alternate title: Working At A Toy Store Comes With Unexpected Perks
and wow is this mercilessly late

Greetings everyone! Today, I'm firing out a little post just to share some VERY unexpected gets that found their way into my collection...a couple months ago actually (as so suavely aforementioned...I'm quite late getting around to this. Oops. >w>).

Now, these items are completely outside of what I would usually purchase for my collection, they come with a bit of a back story as to how they ended up in my possession!:
I formerly worked at TRU not all that long ago with my position putting the Boy's Section under my jurisdiction, consequently our little Pokemon toy section as well! As such, a majority of the merchandise that went out to our shelves within my jurisdictions didn't go unseen by me long. My coworkers were all well aware of my Pokemon collecting hobby, so whenever a new Pokemon something came in, they would let me know in the off chance I had missed it. On one day in particular of them doing this, one of my coworkers came up to me with a large, freshly opened box in tow, simply providing the statement that it contained Pokemon, accompanied by a triumphant grin...


2009 Jakks Giratina and Darkrai figures!
Now, it's no secret that I'm not the biggest fan of Jakks merchandise, but these figures took my breath away! Not only because of their age, but just how NICE they are! Their unexpected quality...along with the fact that they toted a price tag that made them essentially a steal...there was no way I could go without nabbing one of each for myself despite them being entirely out of my usual collecting guidelines.


Giratina is my favorite out of the two... *Dragon-type bias*

So to spice this post up a little bit more...Share with me your stories, guys :> :
What's the most unexpected item that you've had worm it's way into your collections?
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