Yasmin (pikabulbachu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon art commissions

Hello everybody, hope you all are fine ~ :3

Because I have much spare time now, I'm beginning to make some pokemon arts again! I like to paint on small canvas I can buy here in a special store. They have many different sizes and also different forms, like round or square ones.

Here is my newest one I made ^^

Espeon with flowers! I really love flowered and nature themes ♥ Remembers me to a nice warm summer weather I don't have because its raining here EVERY day since the last week...wtf.

Sooo I will open commissions now so that I also can make a littlebit money to buy more pokemonstuff hihihi :333

More infos are under the cut ~ thanks for taking a look!


- Sales permission granted by godudette on may '13
- My feedback link: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=pikabulbachu
Paypal only
- Shipping is from germany worldwide
- Shipping is without insurance and I'm not responsible for lost shipments - please tell me if youre unsure!
- Shipping is 2$ worldwide
- I'm open for trades!

Commission info:

- Each commission is for a pokemon-themed small canvas. The sizes and formes are different and you can choose it of course. The prices will start at 5$ and varity to the size and complexity of the design/pokemon.
Please ask for a quote for the total before you are commited if youre unsure.

If you ask for a commission please tell me the following:

1. Which Pokemon you want (there can be more than one pokemon but maybe the price will go higher)
2. Which pose of the pokemon, theme or anything what you have in mind!
3. What size/form of canvas (I can buy them)
4. Maybe other wishes?

I will open 7 Slots!

Slot 1: clair2522 - espurr painting a skuntank
Slot 2: noibatcutie - a very creepy dusclops
Slot 3: 3kame - nidoking in egyptian setting
Slot 4: 3kame - torkoal and shuckle friends
Slot 5: 3kame - spooky torterra with graves on the back
Slot 6: hebilea - snivy princess with flowers on round canvas
Slot 7: hebilea - shiny noibat with yellow bow
2 extra slots:
Slot 8: creampuffoholic - noibat eating a pokepuff
Slot9: creampuffoholic - noivern flying in the night
SLOTS are full for now! Thanks for your interest ^^ ♥ I will open more slots when I'm finished with all I have to do now!
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