SoftMonKeychains (anaildapinto) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Re-introducing myself!

Hi! Since I came to this community I had the feeling I didn't introduce myself very properly so perhaps it's never too late to do it now!
Alright, then my name is Ana, I'm 26 years old, self-employed as illustrator, designer and crafter. My goal is to produce merchandising with unusual or least explored material and techniques!
Here in pkmncollectors I'm mainly a crafter, recently in charge of handmade fully customized pokemon keychains as commissions! Though currently I do variation of keychains only I expect to introduce brand new goods in near future!

Regarding collecting, unfortunately I don't really collect anything, mainly because never had the chance even in my younger times since I always lived with the most essential. I don't hide the desire to buy something from you guys although, I always look at your collections and they never failed to amaze me! I really hope to be able, someday, to start collecting probably delphoxes and zoroarks, my favorite mons, once I will be to afford besides my own survival :)

Ah and I'm from Portugal so english is not my first language, just simply love it so much that I practiced my writing all my life and so still last year I took some classes to become more fluent.

That's all! Still this month I will make another sales post as it's allowed to make two by month particularly to show you my newest keychain variation as I didn't have any pictures, until now! See ya!
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