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A brief collection update!

Hello there, folks!
I regret to say that I have been so disgracefully inactive the past number of months. I am, however, happy to return at last!—And, of course, I have some happy things to share!

A preview!
IMG_0016 IMG_0013 IMG_0031

Let's start off with my Glacey-babies! I think I'm into my sixth year of collecting them.

I tried incorporating levels into my collection-arranging. I think it worked very well here!

I'm very excited to announce that—as she even takes front and centre in this photo—I have been able to acquire the Glaceon Keshipoke! Special thanks to dezi_kitsune for helping me get her after years of searching! So honoured to have this little girlie in my collection now. She's so pudgy and derpy. :D

Charms and magnets and pins! I'm still trying to figure out how to display the charms... I want them to hang, but I'm not sure where I'd put them to do that. owo;

Plushie cluster on the bottom shelf. (Oh, hi, Chespin Kid. What's new with you?) These are all of my other favourites. I'm not huge into figure collecting for any other Pokémon besides Glaceon, so I've limited myself to these. I love how well all their colours complement each other!

Poké Dolls! Some of them are hidden away here. D:

Now for a full view of my collection shelves and computer desk! Do excuse the non-Pokémon items. ^^;

Also, I hope to have some commission information up very soon! Let me draw your favourite Pokémon and people for you!
Thanks for looking! I can't wait to hear what you have to say. :3 I hope everyone has a fine day (or has had one)!

Tags: chespin, emolga, glaceon, keldeo, minccino, sylveon
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