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Treasure Box Auctions

Hello everyone! Today I bring you a couple of projects I was working on on the side!
I call them treasure boxes! each one has a 5 inch diameter and a one of a kind PokePainting on the lid by me!
The left one is titled Hoenn Dreams
The Right one is called Old and New
They are painted in acrylics (the boxes are high quality cardboard)
Each box starts at $25
Auctions end July 2nd at 6:00 PM COUNTDOWN
Click the respective cuts for additional photos
No sniping! bids placed within the last 3 mins of the auction will result in an automatic extension of the auction until 3 mins go by with no bids
Deleting bids will result in negative feedback
I can ship internationally (I ship from Texas)
I will be shipping these in boxes
I am not responsible for items lost by the post office, I will always provide proof of shipment if asked. Most items I send with tracking
I do not sell to members I have left negative or neutral feedback for
I do not sell through PM
I was granted sales permission on December 13 2012 by entirelycliched my feedback is located here
I only accept paypal

All questions and comments are welcome!
Thanks everyone have an awesome day!
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