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Gets and auctions ending today!

I got some totally adorable gets from dinos to poodles to ziggy raccoons!

Soooo cool! I'm so glad I got these! They are super awesome!

Gotta have my dinos!

Tyrunt Pokemon Center Plush! OMG, he's so perfect, and soft, and amazing, ugh! Which other Tyrunt plush are already released?

My buttons from ktmonkeyj! They are soooo cute!

And, before the auction reminder, does anyone else have dreams about Pokemon? I just had a really weird one about Tyrunt the other day, LOL. I'll copy/paste it from my FB account, but I'm putting it under the cut because... it was super long, lol.

I had a dream that Jha'Vonne (my sister) and I were trapped in the big house, and it was some kind of like "game" because this rich guy was going to unleash dinosaurs in the house, and we had to try to escape.

Well, something happened and this guy let this baby dino into our room, and I screamed until the baby dino ran up to me like a puppy and I realized he was pretty much a Tyrunt. So, he was helping us by warning us where the other dinosaurs were. So, Jha'Vonne and I were like "Let's just hide somewhere until morning (when the game ended if you managed to not escape first or die). So, we found this closet and the three of us ducked into it. We squished on the floor and then Tyrunt sat on a ledge near us. Well, it wasn't safe for long because we saw shadows coming under the door, but realized the were human shadows. So, we covered Tyrunt with a blanket in the closet because we didn't want them to hurt him thinking he was one of the dinos trying to eat everyone.

Well, the people managed to break the door open and we try to convince them to leave us alone, but they take over our floor of the house and our trying to use us for bait. So, Jha'Vonne and I look out the window and notice another house across the street, but someone was trying to run out of the building, only to be caught and pulled back in. So, we quickly realized that we could not just run outside of the house.

Then, we came up with a plan. We had found another door that the other's didn't notice. So we cracked open the window and slid a rope out to make it look like we had gone out the window, because the others didn't know that you would just be captured again if you did. Then we slowly crept to the other door, and the three of us snuck in. It was like a huuuuge walk in closet, and we dashed behind some hanging coats. That's when Tyrunt kind of head butted a part of the wall which opened up into a metal walkway. So, we walked down it (though, I was terrified a Velociraptor was going to pop out at any moment!) and it actually led us to a room where the game runner was.

He congratulated us on winning and offered us candy. We were so mad that we grabbed both bowls of candy and told him off. And took Tyrunt, LOL.

Annnd now onto the auction reminder! These auctions end TONIGHT! Get your bids in! Quick, Quick! :P

Click here to be transported!
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