Lauren (Choppi) (choppii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Lauren (Choppi)

choppity lane pkmn outlet! EDIT

EDIT: So... I hit Storenvy's 500 item limit and will be closing the store.  It will be open until Monday and orders can be placed until Sunday night.  But don't worry, all orders have been shipped!  However, everything that was on the store will be available once again on a pkmncollectors sales post exclusively! Stay tuned, for the storm is coming... I decided to sell my entire collection and that's hundreds upon hundreds of rare plush!!

Hi, everyone!
After the success of my first sales post, I decided to make it into a store for easier shopping! It features 500 items so far, with another 300 to be added next month, so please check back often for new items and promotions! (or just watch for my posts on here, whatever works :D)
Anyway, click the picture to be transported!
(LOL I edited this banner in less than a minute, I will have a proper one next post!)

-I received sales permission from allinia on 6/11/14.
-Feedback is here:
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