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Pokemon Woodsies

I've been making these things for quite some time now and even taught classes how to make them at one of the many kids classes I teach at Michaels as well as bringing them to kids parties for the kids to do as a craft.I made a whole bunch up and decided to see if I could sell them at Anime Weekend Atlanta at there Super Happy Fun Sell event and to my surprise I sold quite a few..What they are,are Pokemon made out of Woodsies, little wooden shapes that I place and glue together to make a certain Pokemon, I then paint them up and then spray them with a clear varnish to seal and give a nice gloss to them.I then either make them into a pin you can wear or place a magnet on the back so you can put it on your fridge or any metal surface.I sold them at different prices since some can take up to 20 wooden pices to put together while some are only 2 pieces. Some are alot bigger then others as well too.They range between 2 to 5 bucks with $1.00 for shipping.So if anyone would like one let me know,I can make pretty much any pokemon there is out there, Here is just a sample of ones I have done so far.

and for giggles I made one of my character, this one is made from 25 wood pieces.

Process making them

At the Happy Fun Sell Event

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