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Pictures pictures pictures

Getting a hold of a camera has been really hard for me lately. Sorry for not posting as much. Anyways, I got a few things recently that made my collection so much better. This is VERY image heavy.

Aren't they all just adorable!?
I'm super glad I got that giant Meloetta to go with her other form. They look awesome together! My Lopunny from Glacidea finally arrived after that whole backlash on here and tumblr.
Ooh here's a good one. For a while the mcdonalds didn't have the Pokemon toys. I mentioned to my mom that I wanted the Fennekin one for my fennekin collection. When they finally got them in stock my mom went to go get mcdonalds for lunch. She came back with every toy except the fennekin. She handed me the bag and said "I didn't know which one you wanted, so I bought them all." It was pretty sweet. My sister and I split them up because there were a few that she collected in the bag. The chespin will later go to my boyfriend who loooooOOOOoves chespin. You can't see it well but there's an Pokebox leafeon on top of Buneary's other foot. I've had it for a while but forgot to take a picture of it.
I got both Jirachi and the Genesect Zukan form Sunyshore. I think I'll start collecting Jirachi...o3o

I'm seriously inlove with my Lopunny/Buneary Collection. v3v Hopefully I can get the last two figures I need for Lopunny.
I left out my figure collection because I didn't realise half of it was knocked over when I took a picture.

-Lopunny Clear Kid Figure !!!
-Lopunny Chou Get Figure !!!
I really really really want both of these for my Lopunny collection!
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