Sarah/Toasty (agkelikos) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Japanese Design Pin Trades!

Hey guys! :D I got my package from prnzs today, which means I got a selection of pins and I'd like to put a few of them up for trade! I'm really happy I got the Greninja pin. ^^ I bought the charm too, but mostly in case I didn't get the pin, but now I have both! |D I also got the large-size teacup with the same designs, its so pretty! ;w; Even though it's so nice, I'm going to be using it, I've always wanted a Japanese style cup for my tea and this one seemed perfect!

Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 03/02/11
Shipping from/to the UK

Anyway, I got an extra Blastoise pin, a Staryu (which I realised us upside-down oops) and some bunny butts up for trade. :3 I'd ideally like to trade Blastoise (or any of them really) for Venusaur because I got Charizard too, so it would be nice to have the set.

The others I'm interested in: Doublade, Ho-oh, Legendary birds, Fletchling, Ninetales, Snorlax (and obviously that special Joltik but I know it would be unfair to ask for that |D)

Next post will be a re-intro/collection update since I've nearly received everything I want to include. Thanks guys! :)
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