okgod (okgod) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Totodile collection!

Thanks to the help of some friends helping me tidy up my room, I finally I have space to display all my totodiles! :D I'm still not completely happy with how I have it organized since a lot of the flats are being blocked off by plush, but this is good enough to post I think ^^


More pics under the cut!


All my totodile tcg! Let me know if you're selling any I don't have (especially foreign!!!)

I wanna pick a favorite plush, but its really hard they're all so cute x9 I guess maybe the canvas plushies since I really like the color??

I'd love to see other totodile collections so if you collect them please show me! :D I'll also be posting my N collection soon, just have to neaten it a 'lil bit first ^u^

Also might as well mention it while I'm making a post, I'm still looking for 2 yvelatal exes, and also a small yveltal figure (no taller than 3"), and any pokemon hats! Let me know if anyone's selling any of these :o
Tags: collection, totodile, wants
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