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NW Reminder + Goodbye Extras GA Payment 2 + Site Update/Reminder

Hello everyone! This is a reminder that I shall be picking up from Nintendo World tomorrow! Click the image below to go to the pickups post if you'd like to request something! <3

For everyone involved in the Goodbye Extras GA - your payment 2 totals have been posted here! Please pay within a week and let me know by commenting here once you have paid.

Please send payment to areica96[at]yahoo[dot]com and include your username and "GA Payment 2" in the memo. Also double check that all items listed in the spreadsheet are the ones you won and nothing is missing. If your shipping method is not specified, then your shipping is with bubblewrap + polymailer via cheapest shipping method available, which I believe was First Class for just about everyone not specified. Let me know if you would like something else before paying. Thanks! <3

There were a few issues with some of the items/packages:

Etime28 - I can only fit that large Pikachu plush in a polymailer without bubblewrap. If you're not comfortable with that, I can get a box.

Loveespeon - Your package weighs too much to ship any cheaper method. ^^;

Talarus - Your package weighs too much to ship any cheaper method, and also one of the Rumble U pokeballs was empty. Would you like to pick a freebie or two from anything that was not claimed as compensation?

Nysaurus - Since the HGSS poster is already in a poster tube, I thought it would be easiest to ship it that way. USPS showed a First Class option and a Standard Post option for shipping, but last time I tried to ship a poster I don't think they let me via First Class, so I charged you for Standard Post. If I can ship it via First Class, I will refund you the difference.

Tagging everyone here:

allrealelements astron baconscreation banaa1212 chaos_21 clair2522 dezi_kitsune etime28 haepbrosonearth jpanization leafyoddish98 lone_enigma loveespeon lucario methuselah31010 myprettysoldier nasija nysaurus pacificpikachu pkmnexcavation sorjei talarus thepapayafruit yellow_fr3ak yellowmudkip

And as for my site: just a reminder that I have free shipping within the US until July 1st, and I also have this Twitter giveaway for a free pokedoll or $20 gift card going on as well. Please remember that you have to follow my page to be entered as well as retweeting, since a few people aren't following but I can't run around reminding everyone individually. >.>;; I also just added a few new items to my stock, mostly Ichiban Kuji items. Click on the banner below to visit my store~

As for anyone who doesn't feel like browsing first, I added the following:

-Eevee pokedoll figure
-Whimsicott pokedoll figure
-Oshawott pokedoll figure
-Pikachu pokedoll figure
-Eevee pokedoll strap
-Genesect pokedoll strap
-Pikachu pokedoll strap
-Sneasel Pokemon Time plush
-Jirachi Pokemon Time Strap
-Meloetta mini Pokedoll
-Heat Rotom Pokedoll

That's all for today, and now I'm off to NY! XD Thanks everyone! <3
Tags: group auction, sales
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