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One question I have received many times is "How much are the Giant Tomy Pokémon Plush worth?" I had toyed around with the idea of making a price guide, but I really can't. I won't go into all the theory and arguments regarding price and supply and demand. The short version is plush are worth what someone is willing to pay, and that can change every day. Here is what I will do; over the past few weeks there have been a lot of Giant Tomy's for sale in Japan. Under the cut is the final sell price of the various pokemon. These prices are not meant to be a suggested value, but merely a reference to collectors who want to know what they have sold for before. If anyone has some ended auctions they would like to share (key word ENDED) I would be happy to add them. Also as you will see I have removed all buyer and seller info (as well as item numbers). This is done to protect the winners. If you share an auction screenshot, please do the same.

Additional Info:
The yen rate is around 97 for these auctions.
There is a middle man fee's in addition to the winning bid and varies by company.
Shipping is estimated to be $200 per plush (EMS by weight, direct to the US)

Snorlax ~ $480

Lapras ~ $1485

Entei ~ $1375 to $1060

Raikou ~ $2530

Suicune ~ $1270 to $1485

Lugia ~ $2370 to $2160

Tyranitar ~ $1830 to $2300 to $4175
Tags: entei, lugia, plush, raikou, snorlax, suicune, tyranitar
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