Risa (risibee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Mod Question, soon to be leaving sales, how to sell entire lot!

Hi Mods,

After lots of thought, and money issues, it is time for me to leave pokemon collecting. I will always love pokemon but no longer have to space for my things, or the money to continue buying more. There are simply other passions in my life I want to put my time/effort and cash into :D

So that means I am planning to sell 99% of my collection very soon.

I do not have the time or if I am totally honest much patience to deal with lots of questions and individual pricing, estimating and posting for dozens and dozens of low and mid price items so want to sell as one big lot.

I was thinking of putting it on ebay then posting the link here. Would that be allowed? ( I do have sales perms) maybe someone else would do a GA against it, not sure how these things work.

I am in the UK but will be listing it as willing to ship internationally, however postage will be very expensive as it -must- be a tracked type to protect myself against paypal 'item not received' scams.

Is there any easier way to sell an entire collection?

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