lyhax (lyhax) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated wants!!!

Hey everyone! You've all been so helpful helping me get my wants :D along with eBay and Y!J to help as well. I love you guys! :3 There's still a few things I'm looking for however which I'm hoping to find someday at reasonable prices..I will buy these at almost any condition, take a look! :3

Sceptile pokedoll <3 Been looking for a while with no luck u.u He's at the top of my wants list, I need this guy in my life! Second up is..

Gengar cardholder backpack! :3 this little guy is aweomse, I just have to have it!
Next up..

Raichu canvas plush! anddd..

Raichu pokedoll! These two are too adorable <3
Last but not least,

These two groudon pokedolls! Groudon pokedoll and oversized groudon pokedoll!
Tags: pokedoll
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