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Introduction Post

Hi! I'm Smokeybird and I've been lurking around this community ever since I found out that there's a big group of people dedicated to Pokemon merchandise, which was about 2 months or so ago. I'm mainly interested in plush - even more so in pokedolls - but I'm also beginning to take an interest in figurines, though I only have one.

I'm just going to show my collection and that'll be it for this post, really. Let's get started!

teeny 2
My recently renovated shelf(it used to be full of Neopet plush!) full of all the Mons that could fit up there. My favorites are Mystery dungeon Charmander from the old Pokemon Center website and the Yveltal pokedoll like "Heeeey guys"

teeny 1
A better view of the left side of the shelf, my favorites are Hasbro Nidorina and Jakks Duskull. All of them on this side are either Jakks or Hasbro.

teeny 3
A better view of the right side, my favorites over here are Hasbro Azurill (he was one of my very first pokemon plush) and the three Unova starters from the Black and White Mall tour.

teeny 8
The rest who couldn't fit on the shelf - Jakks Murkrow, Play by Play Charmander and Banpresto Moltres are my favorites of these.

My shelf Mons are next:

teeny 4
Tomy Zoroark - my mother surprised me by getting her for Christmas. Officially one of my favorite Pokemon.

teeny 5
Jakks Ho-Oh. Not much to say about him.

teeny 6
Jakks Lugia - apparently he's rare? I had no idea.

teeny 7
The only figurine I own, a D-Arts Charizard. I love him.

And last but certainly best, my booties.

teeny 9
I bought shadow lugia, leafeon, and canvas raichu from the same vendor at a convention. It wasn't exactly a small convention, either! I'm pretty sure she was from Hong Kong, too. Could barely speak a word of English.
Bootleg Tomy flareon was from Amazon and doesn't have any sort of tag on him, and I bought the Nidorino on purpose. Nidorino is on my top list of favorite Pokemon, how could I resist?

Someday in the future I'll post my wants, but not now. Creating a paypal account for me is out of the question, as far as my mother is concerned. This first post may be the only thing this community will see from me for a long while, but I'm still going to lurk and maybe ask some questions. Have a good day!
Tags: charizard, charmander, duskull, lucario, nidorino, plush, pokedoll, rayquaza, yveltal
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