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XY Quick Sales!

First, we lost the clearfile GA :(

I received a box from noppin today though so I do have some new flat sales, since I only bought for the pumpkaboos. I will not be shipping internationally. Tretta will only be sent in bubblewrapper for $2.50, pan stickers can be sent in an envelope for $1.25.

General Information/Rules:
*I ship from Pennsylvania, US. I do not ship internationally at this time.
*I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on 1/9/13
*First to commit gets the item. Quotes are NOT a commitment.
*I do not do holds.
*Payment is due within 3 days.
*I'm a slow shipper so if I don't get it in on Tuesday then they'll be sent around the 8th. Envelopes are $1.25, bubblewrapper is $2.50.

photo 1
Pan Stickers!
Top Row - $4 each
2nd Row + Greninja and Heliolisk - $2 each
All others - $1 each

Top Row - $3 each
Rest - $2 each

$1 each or one free with purchase of 2 Tretta.

I'll be getting the newest set of kids in soon so look forward to that!
Tags: espurr, helioptile, lucario, meowstic, noibat, sales, sylveon
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