carolina_suikun (carolina_suikun) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Not good, but not bad either

So.. Bad news first.
Juumou! I got your figure cases, but the smaller one came like this..

TT^TT Baawww.. Stupid mail brokes my stuff! Mah precious little case..

Good news is~!
Bigger case didn't broke, it only got a crack there.

and I got the Suicune pin from Phoenixxfoxx! Yay!

I should do a new collection post since I have got so much new Poké stuff.


A tradigal school shooting happened yesterday in country where I live, Finland. I'm devastating how something like that could happend here and this is the second time, first one happened last year.
More information:

Yes, that didn't had anything to do with Pokémon, but I still wanted to tell about it.
Tags: suicune
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