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Le fashion show and photoshoot contest!


Now that I am done with getting a bunch of stuff out of the way I went and checked to make sure I put all the necessary rules and info. into the draft and finally put everything up but if I'm missing anything please let me know! Please make sure to read all the rules first before asking any questions.

*And a small note I'm still getting around to all the messages. I've been a bit busy the past few days esp. I had a few days without a laptop and will reply to you if I haven't yet.

Please click the cut to see more info.

First off there are going to be 2 contests.
One is a plushie fashion show and the other is a scenery/story photoshoot. Anyone are free to enter either both or one of them but will only be able to submit 1 entry for the plushie fashion show and only up to 2 entries for the photoshoot so make your entries as great as possible and choose your best before submitting! If this is successful the next contest will be clay molding a figure with a base similar to this Xerneas figure here: http://emilysculpts.deviantart.com/art/Pokemon-X-Legenda-Xerneas-407200919 or something else so I'm going to make a poll and feedback session after this is done.

Misc. rules:
International people are allowed to enter the contest however you must pay half of the shipping costs. US people don't need to pay for shipping
Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on July 27th 2013
You must have no negative and only 2 neutral feedback to join
If you win make sure you check your messages and a post for the winning announcement otherwise if you do not reply in 4 days the prize will be given to a person who had the next best totals
you are free to give the prize to someone else or enter for someone but cannot give the prize until you receive it yourself.
Rules for plushie fashion show:
Desc.: You must choose you're prized plush(basically your favorite pkmn) and dress it up any way you like! You can make the outfits or even have it cosplay something use your imagination!
*Please be aware that it doesn't really matter what condition your plush is and can even win without having a mint plush up(esp. since many prefer having it kept stored to keep it mint which is perfectly understandable as a collector we all want our plushes minty fresh)it's just a way of showing off your glamourous plushie and it's beautifulness like in the real contests in the series. ^^
-you can only use one Pokemon so choose wisely
- the sheener the coat(referring to condition of plush) the more it will please the judges
hints: try adding lighting to show it off/don't use dark lighting
- add a scenery or a backdrop like a tea ceremony or a stage to earn even more points!
-borders and little sparkles added makes it look really nice so make it look flashy! But not too flashy where we become blind with shinyness! XD
-having a unique scenery awards you more points with the judges
-add accessories to give your Pokemon some flare!
-please do not edit your photos or draw over your image. You can only add little icons and hearts and stuff to make it look flashy and frames are great!
-pokemon plushes must be up to 10 inches tall and no bigger than that. Bipedal pokemon can be an exception depending on what Pokemon it is.
-you must select a category of any of these: cool, cute, or dark although it won't affect judging that much so feel free to choose what you category you like the most. ^^
Rules for scenery/story photoshoot:
It's pretty simple. You've seen some people take photo's of their figures at a beach or in a grassland and such right? That's all you do!
-you can use up to 4 figures in one image. Any figure can be used as long as it's a figure and cannot have a base underneath it or something attached to a figfure like those bottlecap figures.
-you can submit up to 2 entries
-you can choose to make a scenery image or make a figure comic with the figures and can use any kind of background or use any items to give an effect of a scenery. You can also build your own scenery. You can use plushes too but only one can be used.
And here are the judges Pokemon (demo entries)  for show:

your judges:
                                              Illuminating Flames                                              Hipster Zorua
                                              photoshoot                                                                dressup

                                           Garden Surprise                                     Steampunk Furret
Latias_latios_7: latientryvenus2latientryfurret1
                                                Photoshoot                                                 dressup

                                                      Racetrack Chus!                                                                Bathtime
Moonlightpkmn: racingchusmoonlight2bathgenmoonlight1
                                                 Photoshoot                                                                        Dressup

                                    The Leafeon king                                                   Beauty sleep
Tdotakichan: SAM_4027SAM_4070
                                        Photoshoot                                                            Dressup

*Edit: Okay for some reason the photos are all over the place when it was submitted so really sorry for that. DX

You can use these as ref. to get a picture on how it should turn out.
to submit please comment with your entry, title of image, category you chose, and name of your plushie(if entering fashion show/and if you named it) and for the photoshoot and if you're submitting other entries please reply to your previous entry comment. When doing a comic please make it like a comic strip/page and put speech bubbles.
what judges will be doing:
answering your questions
making sure the entries meet the requirements
judging in the final round
making their own entries as demonstration for the contest
And making sure the contest runs smoothly

*Please note that you are not allowed to talk the the judges about the entries when judging starts.

How judging will be done:
For judging judges will rate in each category from 1-10 and all judges totals will be added altogether to give you your final scores!
1. concept(the idea you come with and the originality of it)
2. neatness(how neat and clear the image is and the arrangements of everything that you use)
3. theme(what theme you decide to go with ex: alice in wonderland, candyland, etc.)
4. accessories/clothing used
5. flashiness(is it flashy or is it plain the judge will decide!)
for photoshoot:
1. originality(ideas that you come up with)
2. neatness and quality of the image(how the quality/how realistic it looks)
3. backgrounds and props used(what kinds of things you use to make it)
and also judges can give 2 bonus points for every bonus you add into your entry that was mentioned in the rules
-judges will also get free shipping and a 2% discount off orders in my sales for helping with the event
If you have any questions about the contest please let me or any of the judges know in the questions/comments section below! Please post them here so that the comments will be neat and in order and wait for the entries thread to be posted up before doing anything! Threads are up!
The deadline to submit is July 25th so there's plenty of time! After that it will take 5-7 days to finish with judging and the winners will be announced between the 30th-1st of Aug.
The prizes for the plush contest is:
1st place: Delcatty pouch
2nd place: Blaziken charabottlin' figure
3rd place: free charm set of your choosing in my sales
Photoshoot prizes:
1st place 1 mini round eeveelution coin case(Yellow)
2nd place (still being decided)
3rd place $5 Amazon gift card, one small Pokemon sketch of choice, and $3 off coupon for my sales

Prizes can be donated and some prizes are subject to change

If there are over 20 entries there will be one more place added for each contest. Also because there was no votes in my last post of the contest for the most popular Pokemon to be put as a prize you can also do that now and the Pokemon with the most votes will be put up as a prize if available. Just name a Pokemon that is popular or you like and I'll count it as a vote.

*Also, a judge has offered to donate prizes/pay for international shipping so if anyone else would like to do that you are free to do so it would be greatly appreciated. ^^
And lastly have fun!
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