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It feels like Spring gets!

Long time no posting! This is what happens when I think "I'll wait for this to get to me" and then I buy something else and think "I'm gonna wait until that gets to me"... I'm sure I'm not the only one XD;

Anyways, as I wait for my FromJapan purchases to make their way to their warehouse (only one of the three left to get there!), I thought it'd be a good idea to share my little gets from the past month x3  (the anticipation for the gets to come on the mail is killing me, especially a semigrail of mine)

Here they are!
Dedenne is a gift from a friend of mine... she said that if I passed an exam with a good score she'd order him, and I got a really good score!! 10/10! *happy dances* and of course, my friend kept her word and a week later (the stinker ordered him as soon as she made the promise! XD) he came in the mail uwu I'm addicted to petting his ears, so soft *A*

Roselia comes from herar, who even in the chaos they got involved in was really helpful when my friend thedaftlynx and I asked them if it was possible to combine our purchases in order to save some money; can't thank herar enough! It was funny to show Roselia to my mum, she told me how she remembered this Pokémon from the anime eventhough she didn't follow Hoenn as much as Kanto! XD

And why do I show you my 3DS XL? Well... because of the Pokéball Vivillon of course! Thanks to chromapika I was able to get this beauty in my game (I was pretty restless, it was the first time I was shipping any of my games to get a Pokémon!). It took some resetting, but in the end I got a good natured with the desired ability uwu too bad Nintendo didn't program good IVs on them D: oh well, it's destined to go to my ingame Vivillon collection c:

Of course, I had to introduce Dedenne to my other beloved rodents:

  • Delta the Emolga (someday (when money provides XD; ) I'll get a legit Emolga... not until recently I found out it was a bootie (my friend was even more let down, since she gifted him to me)),

  • Chipai the Pachirisu

  • Dust the Minccino

I really hope they rerelease Plusle and Minun Pokédolls with the remakes, I need to get my hands on them *w* (especially Minun, blue baby <3 ).

Here is a cookie for reading till the end c: *gives cookies*
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