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Closed for now, thank you to all who asked! You can still enquire if you want, I'm happy to keep your name down until I've cleared a few!

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my very first sales post......

My Custom Bags!


You may have seen my custom Pokemon goodies around the community before, and now I have sales permish AND have perfected my pattern, I can now offer them to you guys! You can choose (nearly) any non-human character that you like, making this a perfect opportunity to get a useable bag with your favourite under-rated Poke on!

Each bag is made from an embroidered minky front, needlecord outer, fabric lining with two generous pockets and an adjustable strap! I am happy to do most pokemon, though some that are more complicated I will have to ask extra for. I have not yet perfected a human style I'm happy with - bear with me! If you are thinking of your OC, and they wear a bow, bandanna, collar, whatever I can do that too! And of course, we can pick colours to suit your tastes.


They are generously sized, approx 20x20cmx8cm. Plenty of room for purses, 3DS, phone, keys and more! Although I have made them quite sturdy I would not recommend them for really heavy use, and spot cleaning is best.

The important bits!

Each bag is just $60 plus shipping. YES! A special intro price just for you guyz!
I would require payment upfront as I may need to buy certain minky colours.
I would consider partical trades..... depending on what you have.
I'm in the UK, accept paypal and recieved sales permission on 6/10/14 by allinia

Also, I shall only be opening a few slots for this to start with, around three or four.

The Eevee bag is available ready made now for the same price -


Also....... You may know I make custom jointed faux fur plushies. I am just completing a round of commissions now, and will be opening again very shortly...... so I'm happy to get the ball rolling with any enquiries you may have!
plush1 - details here, but if you don't DA, please do comment/message me here!

Heres two I just finished who are waiting for 'official' photos.......


And because I love it, another round of.... WHOS THAT POKEYMAN


Thank you for reading, and speak to you soon!
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