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Collection update! :D

Hey!!!!! I am here today with a collection update post!!! :D
It has been a really long time since my last collection update ^^' we moved to a new apartment on Christmas time and right in the middle of my University session. It has been a really busy 6 months!


First, lets look at what my collection was looking like before (because it's always fun to compare c: )

This is a shot of my complete collection of plush as of February 2013, that's more than a year ago.

Now to the pokedoll collection.

This is a picture of my full pokedoll collection as of October 2013, almost 9 months ago.

NOW! Lets see what my collection looks like today!
First, let's remember that I am not in the same apartment so I was not able to take a full collection picture in one shot since my shelves are not in the same corner anymore ^^'

Let's see what can be find in the office room :)

The black tall shelf from the first picture now look like this! :D

A little close up of each shelf :)

Now that is what the top of the beige shelf from the first picture looks like ^^ My boyfriend have some of his stuff on the second shelf and I have some Okami stuff on the third one, but the forth one is empty!

The 2 plastic bins behind my 2 Umbreons are full of Tomy figures ^^ I still have no idea how to display them.

And the pokedoll collection????
TA DA!!!! :D :D
The tiny shelf have been replace for the same bigger shelf! :D When I bought the larger shelf 2 years ago, the shelf was a promo item, meaning that it was only for sale for a limited time only. Lucky me because they came back this year :D :D :D it's like they were made for pokedolls <3

That's it for the office room :) now lets go check what's in the living room!
I don't have much stuff, but I do display most of my figure there on my dvd shelf ^^

Yveltal and Xerneas are watching over us on top of the shelf ^^

1 dvd
Eevee is guarding my pokemon DVDs ;D

2 et 3 dvd
An army of Eeveelution (still missing Glaceon ;-;) and random kids figures are protecting some random movies ;D

4 dvd
And!!!! that's my tiny Zukan "collection" and some mega figures :)

That's it for the living room :)
Now let's move to the bed room! :D

Lord Espurr
Lord Espurr and 3 of its mighty minions!

Lucario Collection
My tiny Lucario/Riolu side collection I guess c: both of them are art of my most favorite pokemon ^^

Eevee display :) because Eevee is super adorable! <3

That's it for the collection tour! :D
Noticed something? I don't have any of the random animal plushes from my last collection picture XD Pokemon literally took over! I had so many plushies at one point! I couldn't keep everything so I made the decision to sell the plushes that didn't fit in ^^' it was a hard decision, but I don't regret anything :)

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