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Possible trade? // little Pokemon XY gift code help

Hello PKMNcollectors! :)

I hope you guys have all a great Sunday! :)

I'm still search for the TOMY Vaporeon plush. I would trading my standing PC Vaporeon plush for it. :)
Here are some pics of my plush:

The plush has attached tag.
I like to get the TOMY plush MWT too. :3

Also, I got some gift codes from FromJapan and noticed that they are region locked. It would be great when some jap. people can help me to get these Pokemons!
Two codes for Darkrai from the moviecard preorder and one code from the CoroCoro(?) Magazine where I can get the Charizard X for the Y game or the Charizard Y for my X game. Would be soo helpful when anyone or know anyone who can help me out.
Thank you so much! <3
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