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Derpchus - love or hate? xD

So recently, I've adopted a few derpchus and I was wondering what the community felt about them?
I'm putting it as I adopted them because I didn't pay lots of money for them and I usually get them from people who didn't want them anymore.
So here are my derpchus! xD

This one was brand new~ He is almost the size of the 1:1 pikachu. (:
Has "pokemon" sewn on it. It's actually just plastic over the fur.
No tush tag anywhere!
I think he's a well made plush though!!


This hilarious looking derpchu was too cheap and cute to pass on.
The plush is brandnew and has a string with suction cup on the top on its head.
No tush tag!

The pikachu figures were preloved but the condition is not too bad.
Just some paint loss. :3

I'm pretty sure they're both bootlegs (especially the large one) and not mirage plush because they do not have tush tags and the pattern seems pretty common. That being said, I DO NOT encourage anyone to buy these pikachu off retailer shops but I think adopting from second hand sellers for cheap is fine.

So here's a question for you guys!
Do you love or hate derp pokemon?
If you do have derp pokemon, how many do you have and which is your favourite? xD
It can be bootlegged or official. (:
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