Lati Queen (seouldew) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Lati Queen

TCG sales!

I'm starting to clean out some of my cards so get em while they're hawt xD

Sale's Policy
~Paypal only! sorry but it's the only way I can except right now^^;
~Haggling is allowed, just be polite about it, I don't bite!
~I can hold items for up to 48 hours
~I only accept trades for lati, leafeon, or glaceon related items!


~US: +$3
~UK/Europe: +$4

*if you want your card in a top loader, +.50

Gengar ex: $8 Honchkrow X: $12 Mudkip gold star: $15 Palkia X promo: $6 Shining Raichu 1st edition: $20, Italian aerodactyl: $5, promo pachirisu: $2, Dark Houndoom: $5

Would anyone be interested in these goldstars? they're all holo and mint^^
Tags: cards, sales
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