Ginger Bean (fox7xd) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Ginger Bean

Collection remodel!

Hello again everyone! Glad to say I've gotten my collection re-organized and looking spiffy! See under the cut for everything.


I hope everyone is doing good! I know I am after some extreme make over for my collection. It's been nearly a year since I moved into my new place and I wanted to make sure I was settled in before getting pictures all done (ahaha but then I just never got around to it). So now it's finally done save for a few things that I'm going to buy some wall shelves for, but that's a later project.

To save from image heavy posts and to help me better organize them, I've made a separate blog just for collection photos <3 Click the image to fly over there ;)

(here's the link incase the photo doesn't work )
thanks for stopping in guys!

Tags: collection update, delphox, feraligatr, flareon, rayquaza
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