noibatcutie (noibatcutie) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Searching for GA Co-Host! Plus, Item Help!!

Hi ya'll! :D I've been fairly absent from the comm for a while ^^;; Due to lots of stuff - mainly my mom's gastric bypass surgery, which went well! She's been recovering wonderfully ^ -^ Anyway, I cam across a small but awesome lot on Y!J that had an item I've been looking for for a while..the last Bunnelby can badge I need! :D Check out pics under the cut! :D


And the lot is awesomely priced too so I was hoping everyone could get cool stuff for a good deal! :3 I'm hoping to handle the threads/spreadsheet while the co-host could be the middleman~ ^ -^

And now to a super exciting and very confusing get that I attained recently! A Dusclops...eraser? I was so excited yet baffled when I came across the listing! I had no clue Hoenn erasers existed! Was so lucky that my tubby mummy baby just happened to pop up ; q; And thanks to the lovely hebilea who middlmanned for me, it found it's way to my collection! Take a look! :D

photo1 (3)
photo2 (1)

He's a bit dirty but that's okay because he is SSSOOOOOO detailed! I wasn't expecting much for an eraser but dang! Look at dem footprints too!! > w< Anyway he has no stamp or anything indicating what brand he is or if anyone has any info I'd greatly appreciate it!! ^ -^

If I ever get off by bum I'll hopefully be posting a HUUUUGGGGEEE gets post soon! (With so many bunnies omg..) Stay Frosty guys! :D
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