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Mega Gardevoir

Today's Haul! Plushes, Figures and Pokéballs!

Hey everyone!
Today I got another package straight from Japan, and it has some really cool stuff!~

Here's an overview picture, individual photos under the cut!

Two Gardevoir 'keychain' plushies. They're supposed to be keychains, but honestly they're a little too big and fragile-looking to be used as keychains.

I'd see more use as decoration like on a car rear-view mirror, or a christmas tree for example~
I'm honestly not too fond of the design of these plushies, it looks cheaply made (although they do feel soft), it looks like it's head can tear off at any moment, so I'm going to be careful with these!

The next photo is of the Mega Gardevoir Kid Figures, i got two as well, so I can open one up!
Inside there is a piece of candy (though I'm not sure about the taste or what kind of candy it even is), what looks like a sticker and the small kid figure!
I haven't been that fond of the kid figure designs overall, since it looks like the Pokémon was crushed in a car compacter to make it smaller.
But it doesn't look that bad in real life~

Next up are the two Pokéballs, they're basically containers for a small bag of candy (again, no idea what type or candy it is, or what it tastes like) and a random ink stamper.
In the Pokéball I goit a Pikachu stamp, and in the Masterball I got a Chespin stamp!
The containers themselves are actually very good props for cosplay, they're the perfect size to fit in your hand!
(see the last photo where I compare it's size to an iPod Touch)

Most of my love goes to the Gardevoir/Mega Gardevoir stuff~
The Pokéballs are amazing as well!
I also got two more items, but they're gifts for someone else, so I'm not going to upload photos of those just yet, in case they view this post ;p

You can also visit my Tumblr, where I post my collection updates too, as well as non-Pokémon merchandise!

- Mega Gardevoir

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