Lauren (Choppi) (choppii) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Lauren (Choppi)

sales, trades, wants!

Hi, everyone! Sorry to post so soon after my last, I will have more interesting posts from now on, promise ;v; I'm awaiting super special items, and I hope the want post section of this post will lead me to even more!

I'll start with the usual sales news (Don't worry, LOL, this is gonna be my last sales post thing for a looong time, as everything unsold will go straight to eBay!) Anyway, (mostly) all plush prices have been drastically lowered as I need the space more than I thought!  Plus I added one more picture of plush for sale at the top of the page~ Click the image of the new stuff to be transported!

Now onto the main purpose of this post!! I am now accepting trades for my sales and I've also updated my wants!  I'm after ANY mirage plush and my remaining few bell plush!  I'm willing to buy or trade (or both) for what I'm looking for.  I might also accept custom plush as a trade, but I'm not looking to buy them right now.  Click the image to be transported to what I'm looking for at this time~
Thanks, everyone! <3
Tags: sales, wants

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