Ilona Iske (blazikenbabe) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Ilona Iske

Current Zorua/Zoroark Collection! (LOTS OF PICs)

So since 2-3 years ago I started to collect Zoroark. And as you can see that really escalated over these years. So I want just to brag about my collection. :)

I'm just gonna show you some pictures. That will say enough.

And thats it. :) I also have a Zoroark mobile hanging in my Room atm made from iron beads but it was to complicated to take a picture of it and I think they aren't special enough. :P
The T-shirt is designed by me and I got the gloves in a trade with somebody, she made me these in trade for 2 printed shirt with a design on it I made for her. The Zoroark MLP custom is also made by me. I have a shiny version in progress now but I don't have the patience to rehair right now.

Zoroark MLP Custom

Thanks for looking! If you have perhaps something for sale you don't see her let me know and I might be interested. I'm from the Netherlands so shipping could be a bit high.
Many thanks again for looking! :D

Tags: zoroark, zorua
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