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Oyatsu cafe haul+completed guide!!

Hii!! I just heard about pokemon center getting it's online store back I'm so happy ^o^ but that's not why I'm here, I want to show everyone what I got!! Feel free to show off your gets in the comments :)

My  haul!! They even threw in a feniken screen cleaner, in thinking of keeping her mint ^^ I'm gonna try the  Russian  roulette  gum with my friends tonight someone is gonna get a sour one!!image

My chuppa figure had an eevee inside how cool ^^ I've always wanted a plain pokeball to so this worked out great!! I know a lot of ppl ordered chuppas, show me what you got!!!
imageThese hard candies taste so good!! I notice they are warm once they have been in my mouth awhile, did anyone else order these candies to? You would know what I mean if you tried any XP I guessed all of the pokemon right except vortorb!! I thought it was jigglypuff from an upside view ffffffuuuuu!! >:0 I did a taste test for the spicy cola one, if I looked scared it's bc I was XD I didn't know how it would taste, thank you pkmnexcavation for uploading this <:) I always hate how I look on camera I swear I look better in RL ><
The the ice cream poppin cookin looked and smelled good but tasted like glue >< I'm still glad I tried it bc I wanted to see if ppl were just being dramatic XD I think the fruit ones should be ok! It was fun to make though XP

Also, has anyone tasted the pokemon curry before? Is it good?? I would think it would be similar to gravy but please tell me your experiences :) I would try a ramen cup if their wasn't fish in it -__-

Me and some members worked on a new, updated guide together! I hope everybody likes it! I hope this will decrease the concerns for bootlegs bc that's not a fun feeling :(
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