Mitchi (mitchichen) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New finds! Also shop update.

So I went on a little adventure the other day and look what I managed to find!


Guys I am DROWNING in fire puppies

I mentioned it below but I'm putting it here for visibility, Growlithes are $40 shipped anywhere :D All Fire pups have been claimed!

who wouldnt love this face?

Guess that's what happened to Pokemon Story's stock. If only i could hunt down the rest of the plushes that they used to have!

I also found these awesome things!


I was granted Sales Permission on 10/27/2012 byallinia

Okay so first off! I managed to get most of my new stickers set up on my new shop. The old set up is kiiind of a mess for stickers, so i got myself a storenvy shop

New shop yaaaay~! <--link

Alright, thing i'm most proud of, custom charms!

Me and a friend have been working on these and finally have them ready for sale!

(note: the designs do not have those white lines on them, that's a reflection on the gloss from my scanner)

Angry sylveon and espurr! Charms are $5 each and can be found at my storenvy shop, are 1.5 inches tall and adorable.

Anyway, my old store can still be found at the other link on my main journal page, and I'm totally willing to combine orders, just make sure you let me know. I'll sloooooowly be transitioning all my old stickers to my new store because frankly it's easier to view and keep track of. also! my storenvy shop is searchable. Only wanna see Sylveon stickers? Well now you can! Have a preview!

Not that's not all of the stickers I have. I'm slowly working my way through scanning and cropping pics of my other stickers, many of them XY, and even some old 1st gen amadas. If you're wanting a specific pokemon, feel free to ask and I'll see what i have that's not uploaded yet! One thing I'm still scanning/organizing is a booklet of Dialga/Palkia/Darkrai movie stickers.

Aside from that, the flat figure thigns are up too!

and they are happy to see you! The clear ones are of course available, this is an uncommon variant (black).

The above Growlithes are for sale for $40 shipped anywhere! There are 15   available. All claimed! thanks guys~!

I also managed to find more sonokong Charizards and Eevees!

I have 3 eevees and 2 charizards, both $30 each before shipping. Note that they are about 1 foot tall so international shipping might be expensive.

Both Charizards are sold, but I'll be on the hunt for more!

aside from that, i found a couple of other pokemon things out in the wild, but i'm not sure how much interest there is in them.

First off we have these little paper/foam models

what's cool about these is that they have little motors that let them walk when you wind them up! asking price (before shipping) would be $10usd if anyone would like me to pick up a few.

Can anyone tell me about what this little guy is? Other than a togepi of course. I was a dumbshit and forgot to get a pic of the tag, but one of the stores i visited had a few of these little guys. If anyone can tell me what they're worth, please do. I wanted to get a few of them, but want to make sure i'm not getting ripped off.

I also found these:

If anyone is interested in either of these SPs, please let me know, as well as an offer of how much you'd want them for. I didn't ask how much they were at the vendor but I'm guessing more than I had on me anyway (They only take cash :[ )

whew, that was a lot to type.

I'll try to snap photos of all the other pokemon merch i see at the shopping arcade next time i go, to see if anyone's interested, but as this place is a bit aways from my house and i don't go there too often, there's a chance stuff might not be there, so i won't ask for cash up front for those things.

Aaaanywho, thanks for looking!
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