emii (yxng) wrote in pkmncollectors,


Hello! I'm searching for two items that are quite difficult to obtain. The main item I'm looking for is a Slowpoke tail charm that was sold in the pokemon centers last February? I had my 3DS LL stolen, and my previous tail was taken by the perpetrator! I also lost a Pikachu/Sylveon/Eevee case too, which I'm also searching for. If anybody is willing to part with either items, I'd be delighted to give them a new home! (I learned not to take my valuables outside my home too)

Also, I had a Syleveon charm attached to my system too. I'm not familiar with many pokemon items, but the Sylveon charm I had was attached to a light blue strap. Sylveon appeared to be smiling too. If anybody can identify the strap, please let me know! It was a gift from my friend in Japan, and he isn't familiar with pokemon merchandise either. Thank you!
Tags: slowpoke, sylveon, wants
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