peppermmints (peppermmints) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Help with some new gets? And a quick collection update.

Hi again everyone!

My partner recently won a couple of keychains for me from Y!J and they arrived a couple of days ago. There's a Raikou and a Suicune (I'm assuming there must be an Entei out there somewhere?) and I believe they are Ichiban Kuji prizes, but if anyone could tell me a bit more about them, that'd be great!

Picture of the back of the box under the cut :)

Also some updated pictures of my collection since I spent a couple of hours last night making fabric covered shelf risers (I think that's the name??) to display my figures on since they were starting to pile up on each other! (That and I didn't fancy paying loads for acrylic ones) and a couple of nice TCG gets from a while back.

And now a couple of collection photos:

Thanks for reading guys! :D
Tags: collection update, gets, raikou, suicune
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