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I Know It's Been Awhile ^^;;; has been awhile...and this post is to say that, yes, I am still alive and that I am sorry that I have (almost) completely vanished from this community. Which I am terribly sorry for...though, I check on it everyday, despite my lack of posts....

Which was due to the fact that I was extremely busy with school. I had (finally) switching my major and found out what classes I needed to take (after much confusion and aggravation) So, in order to "catch up" I had to take classes over the summer. And I am now a month or so into my fall semester.

I actually had a collection update to do (back) then too...Except another thing happened. My desktop computer finally decided to die -_-; So for a few weeks I was without a computer (granted, I had my laptop, but I was unable to upload pictures and even if I could, I had no program to resize them with =\)... Anyway...I now have a new computer (yay), but it is not 100% set up yet. (took the leap to Vista from XP xD) Either way, I love it. (Even though it has its issues xD...rather, I'm still getting used to Vista xD)

The only thing I can really update about is that during my absence, I FINALLY got my booster box of Majestic Dawn! I had SUCH a fun time opening all the packs...which is something I've wanted to do ever since I started collecting the TCG ^_^ And if I get the chance again, I will definitely be up to buying another box sometime!

From this one box I got all of the common, uncommon, rare, trainer and energy cards! And I believe on my 10th pack I pulled the Leafeon LvX! Which was quite exciting ^_^ (it's the second LvX I have ever pulled ^^) All I am missing from this set is the other 3 Lv X cards and 3 other holos ^_^ So, needless to say I am quite happy!

I actually have a couple of pictures of my holos and Lv X cards ^_^ (That I, thankfully, uploaded for some random reason) So I actually do have a slight collection post.

I also have a ton of doubles and whenever I get around to it and when my computer is finally 100% I suppose I can make a sales/trade post.

A for my other collections, they are all doing good...The collection post I had set up before my computer died was a huge update for my Jumbo Card collection. Other than that though, I have gotten a new Zukan! The Dialga one that HAS a stand. I also got a Mewtwo Mini cot, which I find incredible cute! So yeah, hopefully at some point in the near future, I will be able to make a huge collection update ^_^

Again, sorry for my absence ._. But I wanted to just post this and say that I am still here, just sadly not as active as I was due to my computer issues and school. =\ Either way, I always enjoy seeing all of your collections!! :D

And before I forget, here are the only two recent "collection" pictures that I have...

Mewtwo (♥) and my Leafeon Lv X

MD Holos that I pulled ^_^

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